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IT can be overwhelming and frustrating. Let us handle that so you can stay on top of what you do best.

At MSG, we pride ourselves in being a hands-on, seasoned partner who will guide you to what your business requires within the endless maze of IT services on the market. Before jumping to implementation, we sit down and discuss your goals to come up with a solution that will not only reduce your current frustrations but get in front of where your business is heading. Our tailor-made plan is designed to maximize efficiency, reduce roadblocks, and make it so that you don’t even have to think about the technology that makes your business run.

We Are Technology Wranglers


Managed IT Services

Shed your burdensome IT workload and experience efficient, proactive support. We function as a well-suited addition to your business that provides positive impact and improved productivity, working lockstep with you to achieve your goals.

Cloud Solutions

Learn what all the fuss is about with our cloud solutions tailored to your business. Forget all about upgrades to aging networks, limited access to your network, and security concerns. Embracing our cloud technology is as easy as it should be.

Key Consulting Services

Stop worrying about technological obsolescence. Our hands-on consulting assesses your business goals, takes stock of existing and available technology, and leverages it to make an impactful and measurable difference on your business.

Managed IT Services

We offer a consummate IT solution that utilizes all aspects of your network to deliver the results you want, freeing you to focus on growing and improving your business.

Network Monitoring
 & Desktop Management

Backup & Recovery
 with Continuity Service

Network Security
 & Firewall Management

Helpdesk and On Location
 Hardware Maintenance


Though your working experience will remain the same, the security, convenience, and support offered by cloud technology will enhance your workflow, making your business more successful.

  • Enhanced Security
  • Easier Upgrades
  • Mobility & Redundancy


Our consulting services focus first on your business goals and only then sees how technology can fit in. We use a holistic approach rather than just an update and software licensing strategy.

  • Business Workflow Analysis
  • Custom Tailored Technology Plans
  • Cloud Migration Feasibility Studies
  • Vendor Management

From our Clients

MSG’s Vendor Management service is huge. They’ve saved us thousands on our telephone, copier and internet contracts, and are now our main interface for all of our IT related vendors.

MSG’s team offers invaluable Consulting and Support to both our IT & Operations Departments. This is on top of managing our core IT infrastructure and helping us through many technology conversions.

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We really shine when we get to learn about your business, goals, and needs. Contact us so we can get started helping you get back to business.

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Network Monitoring & Workstation Management

Network Monitoring

For most businesses, operations come to a stand-still if "the server is down". That's why it's so important to maintain server / network health and performance at all times. With our server / network monitoring solution, we'll provide you with:

Workstation Management

As cyberattacks increase in both severity and sophistication, it's all the more critical to protect your organization's machines from viruses, malicious emails, and the gaping vulnerabilities that result from improper patching and management. With our workstation management solution, we'll provide you with:

Backup & Disaster Recovery with Continuity Service

What would happen if your servers suddenly failed?

For many of us, losing our company data could very easily translate to losing our business altogether. With our backup and disaster recovery solutions, we'll provide:

File Backup

You lose a critical file right before your scheduled meeting. What do you do? Well, if you have an off-site copy of your files ready and waiting, all you'll have to do is restore it. With our file backup solution, you'll have:

Helpdesk and On-Site Engineering Support

Your team is going to run into issues with their technology.

There's just no way around it. When you do, wouldn't it be nice to know you have a friendly, competent team to call on, whenever you need them? With our helpdesk services, we'll provide you with:

On-Site Engineering Support

No matter how far technology advances, it's critical to have hands-on help. No matter whether your systems are at your offices or in the cloud, you need eyes on your network, your people, and your business. How else is your technology partner to learn how you work? With our on-site engineering, we'll provide:

Network Security & Firewall Management

Unfortunately, the internet is a dangerous place.

This is why your firewall -- the device that protects the place where your network meets the internet, i.e. Edge Protection -- is critical to your overall network security. With our firewall management service, we'll provide you with:

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Tired of worrying about those renewals for your firewall? Wish someone else would just take care of it all for you on a regular, ongoing basis? With Firewall as a Service, we'll provide you with:

Let's Talk Cloud

Improve your business operations with no change in your processes. The cloud is here, time to make it rain.

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With a survey of your business we can identify improvements and outline strategies to help you succeed. Stop worrying about your tech infrastructure today.

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